new years eve yacht dubai

With the New Year just around the corner, it is practiced among the best times to spend it with your family and friends. It is that time of the year when we celebrate like there’s no tomorrow and then start afresh. And we all try to do our best to entertain our family and friends. We try to make them feel special and arrange the most special party possible.

yacht rental new years eve dubaiIn recent years celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai has become popular. And why not? With the fabulous displays of fireworks at the iconic attractions of Dubai, it is no wonder that tourists and residents have made it a tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Just imagine being there watching the live fireworks displays all over Dubai’s skyline at night, with the city’s iconic attractions like JBR, Atlantis Hotel, Ain Wheel, and Burj Al Arab as the backdrop of the city’s grand display.

Why a yacht

A great way to make the celebrations more special for your kith and kin is to avail yacht rentals in Dubai to celebrate the Eve. There are many rental services and facilities which you may choose from. Also, there are two ways to rent yachts. First, you may charter an entire yacht, that’s if your wallet allows it. Or, you may book a direct rental.

rent a yacht for new years in DubaiA direct rental is usually on a package basis. Just like any other package tour, you can rent the yacht services on a package tour basis for only a few hours. They usually begin with a 1-hour package, right through to up to a 6-hour package. The package system is a more affordable one and is truly a unique means to spice up the celebrations for your near and dear ones.

These well-decorated yachts, better known as party boats, come in various sizes, are signature or premium variants, and are quite affordable since you aren’t chartering the entire yacht. Rather, you are booking amenities on a per-head basis, just like in a hotel or theater. Naturally, the cost is as per the package. And usually, for bulk booking (more than a certain number of heads), you are eligible for an overall discount as well – in most cases.

Options to choose from

The ‘party boats’ come in various sizes, from 35 ft. to 164 ft. The maximum number of ‘guests’ that may be allowed on these yachts is between 8 people and up to 40 people, depending on the size and capacity of the yacht you are booking. The smaller the yacht, the lesser is the cost for chartering it. The bigger the yacht, the better it is to go for a package deal. Go for a Yacht Rental New Year’s Eve Dubai and have all the fun!

What you get

Usually, there is a red carpet welcome by a courteous and well-trained team of ‘hosts.’ Welcome drinks are available and practically unlimited. You are also served soft drinks, assorted dry fruits and nuts, juices, and cold sandwiches. Water and ice are always available. An uninterrupted and picturesque view from the open sea of the fireworks display and the countdown to the New Year. Music system with auxiliary, CD, and USB access – sometimes with Bluetooth facilities. All this comes with the cheapest packages.

In the more costly packages, all of the above is included, along with a plethora of other services. First, these packages usually begin from 7:30 pm on New Year’s Eve and continue right through to about 2:30 am on New Year’s Day. Exclusive butler service is available for the entire duration of the package. There is always an in-house DJ music system. A lavish dinner spread that includes various world-class cuisines. You may choose from particular menus when booking your package.

In some cases, it is a buffet. The standard menu is a BBQ that includes chicken, meat, prawns, fish, and an array of Arabic bread, humus, kubboos, and salad. Champagne is usually on the house, as are the welcome drinks.

Route on New Year’s Eve

The cruise route that these yacht rentals follow is almost invariably the same. They begin at the Dubai Marina and proceed through various landmarks before returning to the Dubai Marina again. However, the number of landmarks they cruise by depends on the type of package and the duration you have booked the cruise for. Mentionable landmarks are JBR, Blue Water Island, Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel, Atlantis the Palm, World Islands, Sheikh Island, Burj Al Arab, Business Bay, and Burj Khalifa (view from the sea). Naturally, to stay on route, the cruise passes through at least 3 bridges – the Helix Bridge, Tolerance Bridge, and Waterfall Bridge. Therefore, do not forget to rent a yacht for new years in Dubai.

In conclusion

Taking your family and friends out to sea to experience the amazing fireworks display across Dubai’s skyline to celebrate a grand New Year’s Eve is not only special but an event that will remain in their memory for a long, long time to come.