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    NEW | Corvette Water Jet Car | 4 Seats

    Water Jet Car Rental Dubai

    NEW | Corvette Water Jet Car | 4 Seats


    Price Per Hour:
    AED 1,700 per hour
    Dubai Harbor

    Yacht Description


    30mins AED 1,000
    60mins AED 1,700

    Rent a Jet Car in Dubai

    While friends gather with their families at the beach on their day off, a group of friends in Egypt have gone ahead and combined their passions to build a high-tech aquatic vehicle that can be best described as aquatic car. The 29-year-old Karim Amin designed and built this technological marvel along with his fellow friends and they say it looks like a car, but the internal mechanisms are more similar to jet skis. Apparently, it can hit a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour – so all in all you will never find yourself bored or lonely with this new fancy addition cruising alongside you! But wait, there’s more! This jet car Dubai also hits all the high notes when it comes to entertainment with Bluetooth surround sound speakers and a GPS tracking system for safety on board.

    What’s it like to drive water jet ski car Dubai?

    It’s very fun to drive on water. Water is an alternate route just like a road – and you can train for open water races that are super cool. It’s exciting to drive at high speeds through rushing waves, especially if your boat is fitted with special hydrofoils that rise out of the water when you’re going fast! Its even more fun when you boat is actually a car, and you drive it like anyone do on the roads. All of this fun is possible, if you have a water jet car Dubai and drive it on sea waters in Dubai. Our car has a special body that is designed to work with sea water. It runs just like jet ski but with more features and fun bringing to you with its making and design.

    Features Of Corvette Water Car Dubai

    This car can be driven on water with a max speed of 70 km per hour. The internal mechanism is the same as a jet ski. The car looks just like the normal car with 1800 cc engine, wind shield wiper, buttons for different functions, small GPS screen, steering, gas pedal and gear selector and big engine on the rear. The best thing when you are driving this corvette water jet ski car Dubai on the water is you don’t get wet until make a drift. This car behaves just like jet ski, but you enjoy it like a real car been driven on the waters.

    The main features of this jet ski car Dubai are listed below:

    • 1800 cc engine
    • 4 Seats
    • Wind shield wiper
    • GPS screen
    • Steering wheel and gas pedal
    • 62-70 mph (54 knots)

    The 1800 cc engine is good enough to give you output just like jet ski.  Also, when you are moving in water, you might get splashes on screen so you can use wiper that’s another cool feature. GPS screen is there in case you get lost on water but don’t worry we will be there always to take care of you. Other features like wheel, pedal and gear are same as normal car you see every day on road.

    Our Thoughts on Corvette Water Car Dubai

    With self-driving experience and testing this car repeatedly, we are finally making it available in Dubai so people can take ride and enjoy it. Our aquatic car is designed to be driven on sea waters. We rent out our Corvette Water Car Dubai and make people have fun in the marina or any sea water place we go. We provide you with the opportunity to drive on water. With our jet ski car, you can enjoy a thrilling experience of driving on water like never before.

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