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    107 FT | Peri GEMS VIP |

    107ft VIP Luxury gems yacht charter Dubai

    107 FT | Peri GEMS VIP |


    Price Per Hour:
    AED 9,500 per hour

    Yacht Description


    Peri GEMS VIP Yacht Rental Dubai

    107 FT GEMS Yacht in Dubai is a luxurious yacht that stands tall at 107ft. The yacht is made of a white carbon composite and glass fibre, which gives it an elegant look and feel. The interior of the yacht features contemporary design elements that give it a luxury look and feel. 107 FT GEMS Yacht is a luxury yacht that offers amazing accommodation with all the facilities to make your Dubai holiday unforgettable. It has all the modern amenities and an amazing interior design. Luxury stays on board this yacht is the best way to explore Dubai.

    Things We Include:

    • Multimedia System: Yes
    • Speakers Saloon & External
    • Fishing Equipment: Yes
    • Included Water & Soft Drinks

    Gems Yacht Charter Dubai

    With 107 FT GEMS Yacht Charter, you can now live your dream of owning a yacht and sailing into the sea. We provide yacht hire services on a variety of luxury yachts at affordable prices. With us, you can easily charter yachts for a memorable experience with your loved ones. 107 FT GEMS Yacht is a luxury yacht that can accommodate up to 25 guests. The yacht is ideal for weddings and corporate events in Dubai.


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