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    EFOIL Rental Dubai - Rent EFOIL Water Board

    Did you know this amazing electric board earlier? Or don't know what EFOIL water board is?

    Well, that's an electrical board which people use to have fun on seawater while standing on the board.

    The EFOIL water board literally uses the water underneath it to produce lift, similar to how an airplane flies. EFOIL are basically reshaped wings with airfoils on the top and bottom of the wings. The bottom of the EFOIL, where the foil is submerged in the water, has a rounded shape. This shape gives the foil the ability to generate lift like an airplane. The top of the foil has a pointed shape, which gives the foil the ability to maneuver like a boat. So basically, the EFOIL can do what neither a boat nor an airplane can do. It can maneuver through the water with ease and also fly.

    Are you ready to have fun with electric foil board. Let's talk about what's in the deal.

    Electric Surfboard Rental - What’s in the Deal

    efoil rental dubai

    If you are in Dubai and have already rent a yacht somewhere near JBR beach you might want to surf with EFOIL which is what we bring to you.

    Main features of our rental EFOIL boards are:

    1. Perfect foil pattern
    2. Best Hydrofoil Mast
    3. Updated design for better aerodynamics
    4. Extended ride time
    5. Upgraded construction
    6. Smooth and controlled propulsions
    7. Silent electric hydrofoil

    Apart from the above features, we also make sure you ride it correctly so we also send you a instructor to teach you how to ride on EFOIL the right way.

    How much to rent an EFOIL?

    The pricing to rent EFOIL starts from AED 1700 per hour.

    Where we are located?

    We are located in front of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) beach, Dubai.

    What should you bring while riding EFOIL?

    You can bring a helmet, swimsuit, and towel before you ride.

    What if you don't know how to ride EFOIL?

    If you don't know riding an EFOIL board, you don't need to worry about it as we send you an instructor so he can teach you how to ride.

    Where to Rent EFOIL?

    If you have already rented a yacht with us or you are in near, you can contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp button to get an instant deal.