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    Yacht Party Dubai

    Rent a private Party Yacht in Dubai for your Birthday celebrations, private or corporate event.

    All Yachts are available with these features:

    • Captain
    • Crew/ Stewardesses
    • Unlimited fuel
    • Unlimited water and ice cubes
    • Bluetooth Sound System
    • Kitchen and BBQ Grill

    40 Guests | Italian Slide Yacht

    AED 2,200 per hour
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 90ft
    Build: Sunseeker
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 45pax

    35 Guests | 75 FT Gulf Party Yacht

    AED 2,200
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 75ft
    Build: Gulf Craft
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 35

    30 Guests | Azimut 80 Jacuzzi

    AED 2,000 per hour
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 80ft
    Build: Azimut
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 30pax

    40 Guests | 95 FT Black Majesty Jacuzzi

    AED 2,800
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 95ft
    Build: Majesty
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 40

    60 Guests | MAJESTY 101 Jacuzzi

    AED 3,500 per hour
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 101ft
    Build: Majesty
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 60pax

    NYE 2022 | Playboy 90

    AED 4,500 per hour
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 90ft
    Build: Custom Line DXB
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 75

    110 FT | Benetti 3 Decks VIP |

    AED 5,000 per hour
    Length: 110ft
    Capacity: 50 Guests

    110 FT | CB Marine Jacuzzi VIP |

    AED 5,500 per hour
    Length: 110f
    Capacity: 55 Guests

    120 Guests | 138 FT Event Yacht

    AED 6,500
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 138ft
    Build: Haltras Marine USA
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 120

    125 Guests | AS Marine 135

    AED 7,500 per hour
    Locations: Dubai Harbor
    Length: 130ft
    Build: AS Marine
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 125

    90 Guests | 95 FT Stealth

    AED 9,000
    Locations: Dubai Business Bay
    Length: 105ft
    Build: Dubai Marine
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 90

    125 Guests | 175 FT VIP Event Yacht

    AED 16,000
    Locations: Dubai Palm Jumeirah
    Length: 175ft
    Build: CRN Italy
    Package Includes: Fuel, Water, Ice Cubes
    Capacity: 125

    Ready to celebrate your party on a luxurious yacht?

    Excitement and luxury are waiting for you!
    A yacht party on the waves of the Persian Gulf has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai in recent years. Most tourists and visitors prefer visiting the world-class shopping malls, the stunning landmarks as well as other monuments. However, many tourists who want to enjoy uninterrupted fun and adventure during their vacation prefer enjoying the yacht parties. These days the trend of celebrating events and occasions on the deck of a yacht is becoming popular. The demand for party yacht Dubai services has gone up exponentially. At Yacht Rental, we offer simple and affordable solutions to our esteemed guests who want to rent a yacht for any special event or occasion. Add comfort and luxury to your personal experience with our help!

    Take a yacht tour in Dubai.
    Your experience will be memorable and enjoyable
    Dubai has been recognized as the crown beauty of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has become a maritime metropolis because of its beautiful beaches and impressive architectural marvels. Traveling and throwing parties on yachts have become a popular culture. Yachters from all over the world visit this desert paradise. Some of the largest and most luxurious yachts are used by the people of Dubai. You can contact us for a party yacht Dubai.

    “The views of Dubai’s buildings and monuments are breathtaking”
    The opportunity to watch spectacular views of the Dubai cityscape from the waves is one of the primary reasons visitors come to yacht tours. When floating in the Persian Gulf on a yacht, all ancient landmarks and tall structures, such as the Burj Khalifa, look magnificent. Likewise, during yacht party Dubai events, tourists can admire the beauty of the Dubai skyline.

    The yachts provided by us are magnificent and equipped with so many facilities that tourists immediately feel at ease as they sail in Dubai waters. They experience a sense of comfort and luxury. They enjoy the hospitality of a fully trained and experienced crew in addition to rooms, party space, and a fully equipped kitchen. Also, the cruise is filled with a variety of foods, desserts, beverages, and exciting music. We make fantastic arrangements so that you can enjoy the event. While searching for a yacht party Dubai platform, look no further than us. It really comforts the people searching for “corporate party boat Dubai” or “yacht birthday party Dubai”. Travelers can easily rent a yacht and enjoy their Dubai yacht parties. If there is any special occasion such as any birthday party or corporate event, renting a yacht is a good option.

    Get a once-in-a-lifetime yacht experience and enjoy complete relaxation, spectacular adventure, and priceless memories.
    Yacht Party Events That Will Stand Out

    Holiday Parties
    Believe us when we say that celebrating the holidays aboard a yacht is ten times better than anywhere else. All of the activities and festivities will be enhanced by the presence of a sailing boat. Whether it's a friendly get-together or a private yacht party in Dubai, you will definitely enjoy our company. You will enjoy each and every moment of the party yacht Dubai service.

    New Product Launches
    Launching a new product while sailing on the waves is truly very exciting. Your items will get relevant exposure and publicity. Many companies even organize yacht parties to make the event special.

    On a magnificent yacht, spread the word about your products and services. A yacht’s opulent amenities will appeal to a larger audience while presenting you as a significant player.

    Business Dinners
    Invite your business associates and demonstrate how much you value them. The elegance and grandeur of a luxury boat vacation is an ideal way to express gratitude for business relationships. We make it easy for business owners to rent a corporate party boat in Dubai. You can also spend some quality time with them and keep the cornerstone of new relationships.

    While organizing a yacht party Dubai, you can count on us. Just book our yacht rental services. It is our promise that you and your esteemed guests will enjoy privacy. Your yacht ride will be filled with awesome memories. We offer various packages to our esteemed guests so that they can choose conveniently.