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    Seabob Rental Dubai

    The Seabob is the world's fastest underwater sports vehicle. The Seabob is a multi-purpose, lightweight, and fast-moving device. It weighs between 29 and 35 kg and has a top speed of 13 to 20 km/h. A single battery charge lasts around an hour, and the Seabob can go down to 40 metres (131 feet) below the surface.

    Owing to the upward trend of Seabob in sports, we have started this service in front of JBR beach.

    sea bob rental in dubai

    About Our Seabob Rental Service

    The main features that you will enjoy are:

    1. Surface speed: 15 km/h – 20 km/h – 22 km/h
    3. Underwater speed: 11 km/hour- 15 km/hour – 20 km/hour
    4. Power: 2,5 kW – 4,0 kW – 4,5 kW
    5. Battery: 50 min - 60 min – 60 min
    6. Dimensions: 1.152x507x372 mm – 1.152x507x372 mm – 1.152x543x372 mm
    7. Weight: 29 kg – 35 kg – 35 kg
    8. Buoyancy: 14 kg – 10 kg – 9 kg

    Pricing for renting our Seabob is AED 1500 for full trip (upto 12 hours).

    Benefits of Our Seabob

    Outstanding Handling Properties make it suitable for use in any aquatic environment.

    Exceptional Dynamism requires high performance and a low power-to-weight ratio.

    Power Levels gives it a sporty look and provide you with a lot of fun and pleasure.

    Extremely High Maneuverability.

    Enjoyed in Both Small & Large Pool Complexes.

    Demonstrates Outstanding Surface & Underwater Performance.

    Meticulously Hand-Crafted, Made of Top-Grade Materials.

    High-Performance Electric Drive Mechanism.

    Eco-friendly Technology.

    Working on the Water Displacement Principle.

    For powerful watercraft, a unique drive mechanism is used.

    Thrust is developed, propelling the F5S and F5 Scooters forward superiorly.

    Operating costs are pretty low.

    The Accumulator Charge State Enables Reliable Residual Capacity Tracking.

    The driver is given the most up-to-date diving depth and water temperature information.

    TFT Display allows for easy control of programmed menu functions.

    Where to Rent Seabob?

    If you have already rented a yacht with us or you are near, you can contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp button to get an instant deal.