Formula 1 Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi

Since 2009 the state-of-the-art Yas Marina Circuit, designed specially by Hermann Tilke, has become the center of attraction in November-December every year. For several days this 5.55 km track sees highly skilled, world-famous Formula 1 Grand Prix drivers competing through 55 laps, while more than 60,000 spectators descend here to enjoy the fantastic finale to the Formula 1 motor racing season. Since the Grand Prix is held in the evening, the beautiful dusk, along with the sun setting over the Yas Marina, provides a truly magical background for one to cherish for long.

Formula 1 Yacht Rental Abu DhabiSince the race track itself has been built around the marina, it is only natural that some people enjoy the race from their superyachts apart from the trackside berths. These positions provide some of the most advantageous and exclusive viewpoints, ensuring that these spectators enjoy the race up close. This is when the spectacular marina transforms into a hub for an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yacht charter.

What chartering a yacht will mean

Knowing everything about Yacht Rental Formula 1 Abu Dhabi is a must! Chartering or renting a yacht ensures that you can watch the race from the comfort of your deck. It also allows you one of the most exclusive accommodations at the site of the event itself. Once you have enjoyed the thrilling trackside activity, you may continue the action on the water as well – riding water-bikes and jet skis, or you may retreat into your peaceful haven on board. In the late evenings, you can host your private parties on the yachts, especially since they have all the amenities and cuisines to host exactly such parties.

Types of yachts and what to expect

These luxury charters are available for exclusive yachts of varying sizes, facilities, amenities, and services. With the fantastic berth options to both motor yachts and sailing yachts alike, Yas Marina sees a lot of fame, glitz, glamor, and style that visits the prestigious event. This is the time to see the superyachts of your dreams. The who’s who of various fields are here as well, which adds as an additional perk if you are visiting Abu Dhabi at this time.

With celebrities attending, and bands performing live, you get to let your colleagues and business associates or friends and family have the best few days they could ask for. With the luxury setting, enjoy the drama and the thrill as it unfolds during the day. Then spend ample time on deck or at sea, wining and dining like a royal. And enjoy a lavish cocktail party, which culminates into a lovely dinner. Enjoy the horizon all the while.

The addons and perks of renting a yacht

You will be left spellbound as the grand finale ends under the beautiful night sky. You will get to see vessels that are up to 150 meters in length. A plethora of yachts and superyachts for rent that you always wanted to see are here at this event.

Yacht Rental Formula 1 Abu DhabiAnd renting or chartering a yacht can be that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you have always wanted to have. Well, here it is. It just cannot get any better if you have always wanted to be a part of royal living, be a part of the hip and the happening, and be amongst the elite group of society.

The culinary delights

The cuisine onboard is packed with many menus that may begin with kebabs and grills, right through world cuisines like Arabic, Continental, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Soth American, and so much more. You choose what you wish to eat. Drinks galore, desserts galore, fun galore, with a lot of music and dancing to fill your soul. Therefore, you can now rent a yacht for the Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.

Additional entertainment

Once you buy tickets and passes to the marina, you are entitled to spectate the race and also be a part of the post-race entertainment at du Arena, where a series of concerts will keep you entertained each night. World-class nightclubs, like the Amber and iconic nighttime entertainment, pop up here during the entire race week. Not a single moment goes wasted. You get to see live what it means to ‘party till you drop.’

In conclusion

When it comes to hosting Grand Prix events, Abu Dhabi does rival Monaco and Singapore, what with the beautiful waterfront of Yas Marina around which the track wraps itself.

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